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A MetaField object represent a meta-class field. Fields represent information that an object contains. Fields are like variables because they can be directly read or set. For example, if you have an object named _Car_, you can store its color in a field named _Color_.


When you create and delete meta-enums, remember that you can only modify a meta-model in **Design** mode. See the [MetaClassManager class](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) section.

From the MetaField object, you can get complete information about fields:

  • Name

  • meta-Type

  • Default Value

  • Formula for auto-calculated columns

  • Is Nullable

  • Is ReadOnly

  • Is Primary Key


Business Foundation (BF) uses a meta-field installer assigned to the meta-type to add meta-fields to meta-classes.

## Get a meta-field collection

The collection of meta-fields is available from the MetaClass.Fields property, and it returns a MetaFieldCollectionobject.

**Example:** The following example writes all fields to trace


## Create a meta-field

Call the CreateMetaField method of the MetaClass class, passing name, friendly name, type, is nullable flag, default value and attributes to create a new meta-field. The attributes depend on the meta-type.

**Example:** Create a new Guid meta-field


## Delete a meta-field

Call the DeleteMetaField method of the MetaClass class, passing the meta-field object, to delete a field from the meta-class.

**Example: **Find column by name and drop