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## Promotion engine flow

Promotion engine flow Commerce 10-12

## Calculate promotions

Components mentioned here are available in the EPiServer.Commerce.Marketing namespace. PromotionEngine evaluates the condition on all active promotions and gives reward to specific orders when the conditions are fulfilled.

Here is an example of using the promotion engine to calculate promotions using the order API.

## Get promotion prices

You can also get promotion prices for a collection of entries.

## Evaluate entries

Evaluate a single entry.

Evaluate a collection of entries.

## Get promotions and items for campaign

## Calculate promotions using workflows

You can run the promotion system with the workflow system (legacy) to calculate and remove promotions. Updated workflow activities use the EPiServer.Commerce.Marketing.IPromotionEngine\*\* \*\*to make calculations and manipulate the cart.

The new promotion system is used by default in the workflows. Use one of these methods to disable it.

  • Update _Configs\\ecf.app.config_.

  • Use the Servicelocator.

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