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The following are key concepts within Optimizely Personalization:

  • _Tracking types_, define visitor actions that can be tracked, see [Tracking and recommendations](🔗)

  • _Widgets_, displays recommendations based on tracking type calculations, see [Recommendations](🔗).

When a new environment is set up, it has the following Optimizely Customized Commerce-specific widgets. Widgets are only configured for five of the eleven tracking types. See TrackingTypes in the [Commerce class library](🔗) for the full list.

In a new environment, all widgets are inactive. Before you can track and receive recommendations, you must activate them by using the WidgetService within EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce.

Sample code is provided in the _SiteInitialization.cs_ file in the Customized Commerce sample site source code. See [Quicksilver on GitHub](🔗).