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## Catalog entry DTOs and caching

DTOs are simple objects that carry data between processes. Catalog entry DTOs transfer data between an application and the database.

**[New in Commerce 14]** Catalog entry DTOs are cached based on CatalogOptions.


**Versions 10-13**

Catalog entry DTOs are cached based on settings in_ecf.catalog.config_.


During development, it can be beneficial to disable caching. When deploying your e-commerce site, enable catalog caching, and use cache timeouts appropriate for your requirements and environment.

CatalogEntry DTOs are cached based on the response group(s) used to retrieve them. Types of CatalogEntry response groups:

  • Request

  • CatalogEntryInfo

  • CatalogEntryFull

  • Associations

  • Children

  • Assets

  • Nodes

  • Variants

  • Inventory

  • RecursiveAssociations

## Catalog entry objects vs. catalog entry DTOs

Entry objects are used to further abstract catalog entry DTOs.

Entry objects are not cached, but the underlying DTOs from which they are constructed are cached.

## Import using API

**Example:** Using the Catalog API data transfer objects (DTOs) to create a catalog entry. The CatalogContext is the main entry point to the Catalog system.

## Import multiple language metadata

**Example:** Creating metadata in multiple languages for a catalog, using the MetaHelper.SetMetaFieldValue method.