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## Configuration elements

The configuration file is located in the _Configs_folder and is called \_Mediachase.Search.Filters.config_. The file contains the following elements:

  • **Filter** is the Facet Group.

  • **Filter [field]** is the name of the field/meta-field being filtered.

  • **Filter/Description** contains the localized text for a facet group. This determines what is displayed at the top of the side menu.

  • **Filter/Values** contains all facets for that facet group.

### Facet types

Each facet group should only have one type of facet. Facet types are described below.

  • **SimpleValue** – A string value.

    • **[key]** – Attribute is not used but should be lowercase.

    • **[value]** – The lookup key value; must be lowercase.

    • **Descriptions** **[defaultLocale]** – Specifies which localized description is used if no localization is specified.

    • **Description** ** [locale]** – Specifies the culture code of the filter description.

    • **Description** – The value to display in the SideMenu, based on the locale.

  • **PriceRangeValue** – Price ranges.

    • **[key]** – The lookup key value; must be lowercase. The options are under-number, number-number, and over-number

    • **[currency]** – A three-character currency code that corresponds to the code selected in the tiered pricing collection of a SKU.

    • **[lowerbound]** – The numeric lower end of the range.

    • **[upperbound]** – The numeric upper end of the range.

    • **[lowerboundincluded]** – Must be true or false. It indicates whether the lower-bound value is included in the filtered range. For example, if lowerboundincluded is set to _true_ for a $200-$300 filter range, items that are exactly $200 are included in the results.

    • **[upperboundincluded]** – Must be true or false. It indicates whether the upperbound value is included in the filtered range.

  • **RangeValue** – Numeric ranges; values must be 0-10.

    • This type matches a range of numeric values.

    • This filter data type only supports values less than 10.

    • If a numeric type like float or decimal is used in defining the meta-class, an additional attribute setting, you must use  **numeric=\***true\*.

    • You can use a string meta-field type. The numeric attribute is not relevant

    • These values, including numeric values, are passed as string values to Lucene, which treats them as Double values.

    • Attributes are a subset of the **PriceRangeValue** filter data type.

**Example:** Facets in the Optimizely Commerce sample site.

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