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The search provider is installed using the NuGet package _EPiServer.Commerce.FindSearchProvider_.


To get the maximum value out of Optimizely Search & Navigation when developing visitor-facing features for your website, you should use the [Search & Navigation integration](🔗) for Optimizely Customized Commerce.

To configure Search & Navigation for Customized Commerce, follow these steps.

  1. Create an index at [find.episerver.com.](🔗)

  2. Go to the index's details page, and make a note of the values for serviceUrl and defaultIndex from the sample _web.config_.

  3. Edit your implementation's _Mediachase.Search.config_ file.

  4. In the SearchProviders element, set the defaultProvider attribute to FindSearchProvider.

  5. Ensure that the following element exists in the Providers section, and update the serviceUrl and defaultIndex values to match the values from the index details page at find.episerver.com:


    Change the element in the indexers section to use appropriate index builder for the find service:

  6. Rebuild your search index from the Commerce Manager search interface.


  • The Search & Navigation search provider matches only the basic query string against fields of type integer or string. While catalog meta-fields of type float, double, or decimal may be marked as **Include in Default Search** in the meta-field configuration interface, these fields are not matched against the basic query string.

  • Other querying (filters, queries, or faceting against specific fields) functionality works on meta-fields of type float, double, or decimal.

  • If you want to match against these data types from a basic query string, store the data in a string-typed meta-field, and mark that field as **Include in Default Search**.