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This topic introduces feature-specific configurations for Optimizely Customized Commerce. General configuration for the Optimizely platform with configuration files and syntax is described in the [Configuration](🔗) section for CMS 11. You should study the general platform configuration documentation to fully understand the Optimizely configuration.

The following configuration files define settings for the e-commerce framework (ECF) part of Customized Commerce.

  • _ecf.app.config_ – Corresponds to the CoreConfiguration class, containing non-feature specific settings.

  • _ecf.catalog.config_ – Corresponds to the CatalogConfiguration class, containing settings for the catalog subsystem.

  • _ecf.customer.config_ – Corresponds to the CustomerConfiguration class, containing settings for the Customer Management subsystem.

  • _ecf.customization.config_ – Corresponds to the CustomizationConfiguration class, containing settings to control automatic install of some Business Foundation objects related to the obsolete Mediachase CMS.

  • _ecf.marketing.config_ – Corresponds to the MarketingConfiguration class, containing settings for the obsolete Marketing subsystem (superseded by the [new Marketing system](🔗)).

  • _ecf.order.config_ – Corresponds to the OrderConfiguration class, containing settings for the order subsystem.

  • _ecf.security.config_ – Corresponds to the SecurityConfigurationSection class, containing settings some specific security features.

  • _ecf.ssl.config_ – Corresponds to the SecureWebPageSettings class, containing settings related to the obsolete Mediachase CMS.

  • _Mediachase.Search.config_ – Corresponds to the SearchConfiguration class, containing settings for indexing and search features. See also [Search](🔗).

  • _Mediachase.Search.Filters.config_ – Corresponding to the SearchConfig class, containing settings for search facets and filters. See also [Configuring facets and filters](🔗).

The following configuration files define settings for the [Business Foundation](🔗) subsystem.

  • _baf.config_ – Corresponds to the BusinessFoundationConfigurationSection class, containing general settings for [Business Foundation](🔗).

  • _baf.data.manager.config_ – Corresponds to the BusinessManagerSection class, containing settings for handlers and plug-in collections for meta classes.

  • _baf.data.metaobject.config_ – Corresponds to the MetaObjectSection class, containing a set of meta object related settings.

The following general configuration files contain commerce-related settings.

  • _connectionStrings.config_ – The **connectionStrings** section from _web.config_ exported to a separate file. Contains the connection string for the Optimizely Commerce database, the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) database, and possibly other data sources.

  • _Web.Config_ – The general ASP.NET configuration file, which contains all above sections that have been exported to separate files, as well as the appSettings section which is home to several feature-specific Commerce settings.