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## PriceType

This is an example of how to work with PriceType: geting price type definitions.

### Add custom price types

To add a new PriceType, add a new line within the SalePriceTypes of CatalogOptions in _ecf.cataloconfigig_ file.


The value must be unique and 3 or greater.

### Get all price types enumum and configuration

PriceTypeConfiguration.PriceTypeDefinitions returns all price types, including predefined price types and price types defined in the configuration.

### Add your own customer price group

**Customer Price Group** is a predefined price type that should be matched with a specific sale code. Options available to marketers are predefined as: **Customer**, **Partner**, and **Distributor**.

As a developer, you can add items to that list, to make your own customer price group available in the drop-down. 

Populate the list by adding the code in the example below, and call that from your [initialization module](🔗).