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This content does not apply to Commerce versions 14+.

ButtonsHolder is a set of buttons with commands and handlers defined in a special XML section. You can describe ButtonsHolder in the **View/ListViewUI/ButtonSet** section when using it in a separate page. Or, you can use it inside an XmlFormBuilder-like view, in the **View/Form/ButtonSets/ButtonSet** section.

## Add a button

The following example shows how to add a button to **ShipmentStatus** by putting the _PurchaseOrder-ObjectView.OrderShipment.xml_ file into the _~/Apps/%AppName%/Config/View/_ folder.

## Modify a button

The following example shows how to replace the **Cancel Shipment** button in **ShipmentStatus** with a **CancelShipmentNew** button.

## XML description

The control displays a set of buttons with the following properties.

  • **ClassName** – Class name, required to load XMLwith buttons, 1 parameter in XML.

  • **ViewName** – View name, required to load XMLwith buttons, 2 parameters in XML.

  • **PlaceName** – Placeholder name, required to load XML with buttons, 3 parameters in XML.

  • **HolderMode** – Work mode (MetaView / ListViewUI), by default MetaView; defines folder used to load XML.

  • **Direction** – Defines how buttons are displayed (Vertical / Horizontal); default: Vertical.

  • **ColumnsCount** – Optional parameter, defines number of columns used to display button, if not defined, all buttons are displayed using one column or one row (depending on the **Direction** attribute).

  • **Title** – text.

  • **ShowTitle** – Set to either true or false. Default is false. If true, the header defined in Title property is displayed.

  • **ContainerId** – Helper parameter passed to each command for each button.