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Reactivate the snippet.




Parameter and TypeChild AttributeDescription
N/AAn object with the typefield set to activate.The other fields are the function arguments. Required.
Child attribute of type ActivateObjectThe argument indicating that you are using the activate function. Required.

Example Call

// ensures the optimizely object is defined globally
window['optimizely'] = window['optimizely'] || [];

// sends the activate push to the Optimizely snippet
  "type": "activate"


Trigger a snippet activation

The snippet "activation" phase is where:

  • The visitor's IDs are read from cookies, and if updated, data for that visitor is read from storage.
  • Immediately activated pages are activated.
  • All other pages are queued for activation.
  • Information about the environment, such as previous behavior and data from third parties, are fetched.
  • A snippet activation event is tracked and a new "activationId" created to distinguish from the prior activation.

In this way, calling the "activate" API is analogous to loading Optimizely Web Experimentation in a new page view but without requiring the page to be reloaded. This is especially useful in a single-page app context to enable the views of a single-page app to emulate the behavior of Optimizely Web Experimentation in multipage websites.