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Prepare your site for content recommendations

Describes how to prepare content on a website when adding Optimizely Content Recommendations.

The preparations include defining what to include, when scraping the content to be used as source for the recommendations. See also Collecting metadata.

Set up the data-epi-type="content" and data-epi-type="title" elements as follows. You  can define multiple blocks of data-epi-type="content", which are  concatenated for topic extraction.

        <!-- Place normal og tags here -->
        <span>Stuff to ignore.</span>
      <div id="wrapper">
        <h1 data-epi-type="title">My page tile</h1>
          <div data-epi-type="content">
            <p>The good stuff.</p>
            <p>Even more good stuff.</p>
        <span>Other stuff to ignore.</span>

You can use the data-epi-type=”title” to specify what the scraper should use as the title of a piece of content within the instance. A common situation where this is needed is if the contents in your <og:title>, <h1>, and <title> tags are set as different values. Adding this identifier ensures that you pick up the correct value as the title.



Any metadata such as <og:title> will still be picked up and saved against the content in addition to the main title of the page itself.

You can use the data-epi-type=”content” element to specify what texts on the page should be included for topic extraction. A common situation where this is needed is if you have disclaimers and/or footers on a page and you do not want our service to scrape those parts of the page.