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Response message

Describes the success and failure response messages.

The response has a property called status with value OK for successful requests, fail when an error occurs, or warning when some errors are found but a useful result can be returned. If a fail status is returned, a fatal error occurred and the request could not be fulfilled; as a consequence, no product recommendations are included in the response.

The API returns the following information to the client:

statusThe status of the request (OK, fail, warning).

"errors": […]

 codeError code
 messageExplanation of the error.

"warnings": […]


{"warning": "A warning message."}


"smartRecs": […]

infoAB test info

Success response

If the status is different from fail, a success response is returned.


      "status" : "OK",

Failure response

If status is equal to fail or warning, then an errors element is returned after the status property. The value is a list of the errors or warnings encountered. Example:

      "status" : "fail",
      "errors" : [
                   { "code"    : "MalformedJson",
                     "message" : "Json Parsing exception: Malformed JSON. 
                                  Unexpected character ('{' (code 123)): 
                                  was expecting double-quote to start
                                  field name at character offset 1."