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Overview and how to get started using the Optimizely's REST API.


Optimizely's REST API lets you create and manage Optimizely projects and experiments and analyze results from other applications.

For example, our solutions partners and technology parners use the REST API to:

  • Create Optimizely audiences based on information collected from your Data Management Platform.
  • Manage Optimizely projects from an internal system.
  • Pull results data into an internal dashboard or results widget.
  • Send email alerts when specific results are achieved.

Use the REST API

To use the Optimizely REST API, you must authenticate by generating an API token. See Generate tokens and use the the REST API for information on how generate API keys. For information on finding IDs for the API keys, see Find IDs for API calls.

Available endpoints

The following Optimizely API endpoints are available in Optimizely Feature Experimentation projects: