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Introduction to the Exports API and how to determine when your Start Export Job POST has completed.

The Exports API is an asynchronous API that enables you to export your data to s3 buckets.

The exports endpoint has two distinct behaviors, depending on whether the objects field or the select field has been used.

Field UsedBehavior
selectFiltered export of the object against which this filter is applied.
objectsFull export of the objects named in this array.

Select provides a simple JSON syntax for selecting certain fields and filtering that can span several related Objects. Filters support conjunctions (and & or) to any depth and field comparisons include all the operators necessary for simple SQL-like "where" clause filtering.


After triggering your export by calling the POST exports endpoint, you can determine when your job has been completed in two ways:

  1. Check the bucket specified in your export response for a file called complete.json, which will be written upon completion.
  2. Make a request to the GET exports/{export_id} endpoint with the export id returned from the export response and look for state completed.

Access Amazon S3

To learn how to access your exports within Amazon S3, see Import and export files using Amazon S3.