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Create a field on an object in Optimizely Data Platform (ODP).



If you are attempting to create an identifier, for example, an address for messaging or an internal reference to a customer record similar to an email, phone number, or token, see the Identifier API documentation.

When creating a field, you can control which Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) users can access it by setting it as personally identifiable information (PII). Do this using the PII object in the access_policies object:

  • enable – Set to true to make the data in that field accessible only to users with the PII Viewer role. Users without the PII Viewer role cannot access it and instead see a confidential label in place of the PII data. Set to false to let all ODP users access the data in that field.
  • suggestible – Set to true to let users without the PII Viewer role access the data for that field as suggestions in ODP features like segment building. Set to false to fully restrict access to the data in that field to only users with the PII Viewer role.

For more information, see the Manage PII in ODP user documentation.

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