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Fetch production recommendations for a single customer (personal), based on a group of products (contextual), or overall best sellers.

  • For product recommendations based on a customer, you can identify the customer using one of the following: vuid, email, zaius_alias_*, or customer_id.
  • For recommendations based on a group of products, you can identify the products by their respective product ids. Including a customer identifier on this type of request excludes products purchased in the last 180 days from being returned.

If you do not provide customer identifiers or product ids (or if no associated recommendations are available), then 7 day best sellers are returned as fallbacks.

Product records that are returned include all the base Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) product fields in addition to any custom fields defined in your product schema.

There is an extra field, recommendation_type, in the returned results. This field shows which types of recommendations are being returned (personal, contextual, or best_sellers).

  • personal – Products recommended to the specific customer.
  • contextual – Recommended products related to input products.
  • best_sellers – Calculated based on the past seven days of orders (by units).



Product recommendation results are automatically filtered using the Content Shield Filter setup for the account. You can add query-specific filters (criteria) per the query parameters above.