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With Optimizely you can create truly customer-centric experiences, using best-in-class CMS, robust ecommerce, and advanced personalization and marketing automation features.

Optimizely is based on a [secure platform](🔗), and multiple [APIs and extensions](🔗) offering flexible customization and integration possibilities.

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform is and end-to-end, full-stack digital platform service package that includes content management, digital marketing, enterprise search and digital commerce in a single cloud service. The service ensures high availability and performance, with configuration and maintenance of required components included.

## Feature highlights

### Optimizely Content Management System (CMS)

  • Advanced [content authoring](🔗) and [multi-publishing](🔗)

  • [Globalization](🔗) and multi-language management

  • [A/B testing](🔗) and content optimization

  • Multi-step [web forms](🔗) capabilities

  • [Optimizely and SEO](🔗) options

### Optimizely Customized Commerce

  • [Catalogs](🔗) and [order management](🔗)

  • [Discounts and promotions](🔗) management

  • [Markets](🔗) and multi-site support

  • [Customer service](🔗) support

### Optimizely Configured Commerce

  • [Get started with Configured Commerce](🔗)

  • Dynamic cart and checkout

  • Guest users and quote capabilities

  • Product taxonomy management

  • Create multiple sites from a single instance

  • Workflows  and reordering 

### Optimizely Search & Navigation

  • [Get started with Search and Navigation](🔗)

### Optimizely Recommendations

  • [Recommendations](🔗)

  • [Tracking](🔗) and [profile data analytics](🔗)

  • [Content recommendations](🔗)

### Optimizely Feature Experimentation

  • [Experimentation platform](🔗) for websites, mobile apps, smart devices, and back-end code.

### Optimizely Web Experimentation

  • [A/B test user of interface variations](🔗), to optimize and personalize website messaging.

### Optimizely Data Platform

  • Send [event data from any application](🔗) to track  user conversions offline or in a restricted environment.

### Optimizely Performance Edge

  • Deliver web experiments using a [distributed network](🔗) designed to improve page performance.

### Optimizely Campaign

  • Omnichannel [campaign management](🔗)

### Connectors

  • [Marketing automation connectors](🔗)

### Integration and extension APIs

  • [User-generated content](🔗) support

  • Multiple [integration and extension](🔗) options

  • "Headless" support; see [Headless Optimizely](🔗)

### Cloud services

  • Flexible [cloud deployment](🔗) options

### User interface

See the [Optimizely user guides](🔗) for user interface and examples of how to work with features as an end-user.

### Developer guides and APIs

See the [developer guides](🔗) to learn how to get started developing with Optimizely. See [Optimizely APIs and libraries](🔗) for information about available libraries, for example C#, Javascript and REST APIs.

## Get started

Check the [system requirements](🔗) before installing. Easy [installation](🔗) and service onboarding, a set of [sample templates and Visual Studio extensions](🔗), help you get your development projects quickly up and running. With Optimizely's continuous releases, [updates are available on a weekly basis](🔗), so you can keep projects up-to-date, with a shorter time-to-market for customer solutions.

## Sample and demo sites

When you install an Optimizely site through Visual Studio, you have the option to install a [CMS sample site](🔗) to explore Optimizely CMS. You can also install a [Customized Commerce sample site](🔗), to explore an example implementation of a Customized Commerce solution.

[Optimizely Foundation](🔗) is a reference architecture and an example of a platform solution with multiple Optimizely products. You can use Foundation for demo purposes, or as a starting point to quickly get up and running with your Optimizely solution.