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  • An Optimizely cloud account to access the self-services for Optimizely DXP. See [Creating an Optimizely Cloud Account](🔗).

  • A provisioned project on DXP.

You can export the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) or Optimizely Customized Commerce database to a _bacpac_ file using the API or using the DXP Management Portal.

When you export a database, it triggers an export job for the requested database. The export job copies the requested database from the requested environment to a new database in the Integration environment to avoid performance issues in the production environment when the export runs. After this, it exports to a _bacpac_ file from the copied database, and stores the _bacpac_ on BLOB storage.


The Export Database process can take from a few hours to several days (in extreme cases). You can export only one database at a time.

## Export the database

  1. Select your project on the home page.

  2. On the project detail page, open the **Troubleshoot** tab.


  3. Scroll down to the Export Database section, select an **Environment**, **Database**, and **Retention Hours**, then click **Export**.


    **Retention hours** specify how long the export is available before it is removed.

  4. A confirmation dialog box appears. Click **OK** to start the export database progress. The progress result displays in real time, and the export database file shows when the export database progress successfully finishes.


    • **Available Database Files** – If available, click a database file link to download the database file to your local machine.


      You can download the exported database file only when is not expired.

    • **Expired Database Files** – Click **Show/Hide** to display/hide files that were exported and expired within the last 7 days.