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To support a Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) workflow, you can access the DXP Management Portal deployment functionality through an API.

The API is exposed as a REST API and consists of the following functionalities:

  • **Deployment**.  To start, complete, and reset deployments to individual environments.

  • **Content synchronization**. Synchronize databases and/or BLOBs from Production down to other environments such as Preproduction or Integration.

  • **Export**. Export databases of various DXP environments in bacpac format and download to use them as needed.

  • **Storage containers.** List available BLOB storage containers in a DXP environment, and also generate a read-only SAS link with dynamic retention hours to access the contents of the container.

The [PowerShell module](🔗) wraps the functionality to integrate with a CI/CD pipeline.

See [Azure DevOps and Optimizely deployment API](🔗) for how to integrate [Azure DevOps](🔗) with the DXP Management Portal.

See [Octopus Deploy and Optimizely's deployment API - Quickstart guide](🔗) for how to integrate [Octopus Deploy](🔗) with the DXP Management Portal.

You can use Deployment API to start a code deployment between DXP environments in the following ways:

  • [Deploy using code packages](🔗)

  • [Deploy using the code from a source environment](🔗)