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You can export the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) or Optimizely Customized Commerce database to a _bacpac_ file using the API or using the PaaS portal. See also [Export the Database to Bacpac File](🔗) to use the UI.

When you export a database, it triggers an export job for the requested database. The export job copies the requested database from the requested environment to a new database in the Integration environment to avoid performance issues in the production environment when the export runs. After this, it exports to a bacpac file from the copied database, and stores the bacpac on BLOB storage.


The Export Database process can take from a few hours to several days (in extreme cases). You can export only one database at a time.

The following sections describe operations to export the database to a .bacpac file using the API.

## Export database

### Request

**POST** api/v1.0/projects/{projectId}/environments/{environment}/databases/{databaseName}/exports

### Parameters

databaseNamestringThe name of the requested database Valid names: epicms, epicommerce
environmentstringThe name of the environment of the requested database
projectIdGuidThe identifier of the project of the requested database

### Body

retentionHoursintTotal hours that the bacpac is retained in the bacpacs container Default value: 24

### Response

## Get export database

This API gets the information about the export job that is triggered by an export database operation.

### Request

**GET** api/v1.0/projects/{projectId}/environments/{environment}/databases/{databaseName}/exports/id

### Parameter

idGuidThe identifier of the export job

### Response

(Same as a response for Export database operation.)

## Test tools

  • Postman

  • Epicloud

    • Start-EpiDatabaseExport

    • Get-EpiDatabaseExport

  • Swagger

    • swagger/ui/index