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When is this applicable?

Follow this procedure for an **existing site running in the Integration environment, to which you want to deploy code updates**. This can be done incrementally to upgrade your site during the development process, after a first-time deployment. See [DXP self-deployment guide](🔗).

You can deploy code changes continuously using either Deployment API or using deployment tools for version-controlled source code.

  • See [Requirements](🔗) for recommended versions of software, tools and services to use.

  • See [Getting started with DXP](🔗) for information needed to deploy.

## Deploy using Deployment API

Deploying the code changes using the Deployment API is currently the recommended approach for publishing application code to a DXP Environment. See [Deployment API](🔗) for an overview and instructions on how to use the API.

## Deploy from a version-controlled environment 

If you work in a development team using version control for your source code, you can use any deployment tool such as [Octopus Deploy](🔗), [Visual Studio Team Services](🔗) or [Azure DevOps and Optimizely deployment API](🔗)  (blog post by Anders Wahlqvist) for instructions on how to integrate Deployment API to CI/CD pipeline such as Azure DevOps.

**Related blog post:** [Azure DevOps and Episerver (Optimizely) deployment API](🔗)  (Anders Wahlqvist)