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The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides convenient support for managing websites in the cloud, and at the same time lets you have control over for example deployments and service usage.

## How it works

When [onboarding DXP](🔗), Optimizely provisions the environments included in your order, and provides your technical contact with the information and credentials needed to access information and deploy.

You need an **Optimizely cloud account** to access the self-service capabilities in DXP, see [Creating an Optimizely Cloud Account](🔗).


Self-service features provides access to the following:

  • [DXP Management Portal](🔗) for deployment.

  • [DXP Dashboard](🔗) for usage information.

  • [Azure portal](🔗) for environment-related information.

## Related topics

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  • Blog post: [Setting up Continuous Integration with Azure DevOps and Episerver DXC Service (Optimizely DXP) by Stephan Lonntorp](🔗)