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In some situations, developers want to restart a site so that changes for source code or configurations are reflected on the site. The Web App restart feature in the DXP Management Portal helps developers resolve those cases.

Given a provisioned project in DXP, log in to the DXP Management Portal, go to the project details, and open the **Troubleshoot** tab.


The tab does not show when the project is in provisioning or decommissioning.

You can select the environment and site to restart.

  • If it is restarted successfully, you will see a message like the following:

    Restarted the site {_sitename_} for the environment **Integration** successfully.

  • Otherwise, an error message appears.

    An error occurred: The environment: undefined of project {_project-id_} is not found.

  • For the users who do not have access rights to a specific environment, a forbidden error message appears.

    **Forbidden**. You don't have permission to restart site {_sitename_} for the environment **Production**.