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The Optimizely cloud account identifies a user and ensures that proper authorization is applied when accessing information for your DXP projects.


You need an organizational email address like [_[email protected]_](🔗), associated with an enabled business Microsoft Live account. If your organization already has a verified [Microsoft account](🔗), you can also use this.


Generic accounts like [_[email protected]_](🔗), or private hotmail-type accounts like [_[email protected]_](🔗), **cannot be used**.

**Step 1. Request access**

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Make sure you provide correct and complete information. When Optimizely receives the information, you are normally granted access within 3 business days. You receive an email notification when access is provided.

Column Title
Power userContributorAnalytic
PaaS deployment and self-service tools on Integration and Preproduction environmentsYesYesNo
PaaS deployment and self-service tools on Production environmentsYesNoNo
Azure portal Integration environmentYesYesNo
Application InsightsYesYesYes
DXP dashboardYesYesNo

**Step 2. Confirm the invitation and log in** After you receive an invitation email from Optimizely, you can log in to the dashboard and the portals.

  1. Follow the instructions in [Get started with DXP > DXP Dashboard](🔗) to log in and access information for your projects.


  2. Follow the instructions in the [DXP self-deployment guide](🔗) to log in to the Management Portal and deploy.


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