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Optimizely provides easy access for multiple editors to work in a collaborative manner with content across sites, using devices of their choice. This may raise concerns about unauthorized access to the editing and administration interfaces of Optimizely CMS.

Security and privacy are built into the Optimizely platform and the Azure cloud services that is based on the Optimizely DXP. Any feature that Optimizely develops must meet the highest quality standards, including security measures. See [Security](🔗).

Consider the following  additional precautions to prevent unauthorized access:

  • Ensure that the **connection is secure**; use an SSL server test tool to verify.

  • Use **federated authorization** to a trusted authority to secure editor identities.

  • Use a **Web Application Firewall (WAF)** to protect against threats such as DDOS.

  • Run **penetration tests** regularly, using a web security scanning tool.