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Activate widgets

This topic describes how to activate widgets and website components used to present personalized product recommendations from Optimizely Customized Commerce.

About widgets

The following are key concepts within Optimizely Personalization:

When a new environment is set up, it has the following Commerce-specific widgets. Note that widgets are only configured for five of the eleven tracking types. See TrackingTypes in the Commerce class library for the full list.


In a new environment, all widgets are inactive. Before you can track and receive recommendations, you must activate them by using the WidgetService within EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce.

Sample code is provided in the SiteInitialization.cs file in the Optimizely Customized Commerce sample site source code. See Quicksilver on GitHub.

Simplified example

var widgetService = context.Locate.Advanced.GetInstance<WidgetService>();
    var response = widgetService.GetWidgets();
    foreach (var widget in response.EpiPerPage.Pages.SelectMany(x => x.Widgets))
        widget.Active = true;

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