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Retrieve documents

How to retrieve documents from the Optimizely Graph using the GraphQueryBuilder instance.



The Optimizely Graph .NET Client is in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager for information.

You can retrieve indexed documents using the GetResultAsync() or theGetResultAsync<TResult> methods in the GraphQueryBuilder class:

var queryBuilder = //A instance retrieved from config or injected

var query = queryBuilder

var response = await query.GetResultAsync();
var content = response.GetContent<MyDocument>(); //get content of type MyDocument

var hits = content.Hits;  
var facets = content.Facets;  
var total  = content.Total;


  • GetResultAsync<TResult> – If you want to convert the response into your result object directly. You do not need to call GetContent.
  • GetResultAsync() – If you want to convert the result lazily by calling GetContent<TResult> or GetContent<TOriginalType,TDestinationType>.
  • GetRawResultAsync – If you want the raw JSON data.