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Client classes

Describes the classes used for requests, responses, and managing the query builder instance.



The Optimizely Graph .NET Client is in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager for information.

  • TypeQueryBuilder – Used for generating a query for a type. It covers most of the common queries for getting, searching, and faceting documents.
  • GraphQueryBuilder – Built for generating GraphQL queries and retrieving documents. It wraps the TypeQueryBuilder class for multiple types query.
  • ContentGraphResult – Wraps the response, including search results and errors that are returned from Optimizely Content Graph. Because content types are dynamic, you should get the result of a type by using the GetContent<T> method or using the GetContent<TSource,TDestination> method for casting content type.
  • ContentGraphHits – Wraps the data of a type such as hits, facets, autocomplete, cursor, and total items.

Manage the Optimizely Graph .NET Client instance (query builder)

You can inject the Optimizely Graph query builder into your controller:

 private GraphQueryBuilder queryBuilder;
 public SearchPageController(GraphQueryBuilder builder)
      queryBuilder = builder;

Or it can be initialized manually:

var client = GraphQueryBuilder.CreateFromConfig();