Optimizely will be sunsetting Full Stack Experimentation on July 29, 2024. See the recommended Feature Experimentation migration timeline and documentation.

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These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v3.0.


Welcome to the changelog for the Optimizely X Full Stack 2.x documentation!

Full Stack SDK changelogs

This table lists the GitHub changelog URLs for the Full Stack SDKs.

April 2019

April 19: Removed support for the cURL-based event dispatcher for PHP SDK v2.x due to a security vulnerability. For more information, see our Security Bulletin ID: opt-2019-0001 and the 3.0.1 entry in the PHP changelog above.

January 2019

Jan 30: Added React SDK link to Demo apps and SDK wrappers

Jan 16: Added functionality to retain a preferred language display for the multi-language code samples (aka sticky code examples) in this documentation. Click a language (for example, JavaScript) in any code block to set it as the global sticky language for all applicable code blocks. Reset the current global sticky language by choosing another language.

Jan 04: Released the revised Full Stack 2.x developer documentation that includes updated content and a revised structure.

November 2018

Nov 27: Added a new section Implement an asynchronous service in JavaScript SDK 2.3.0 to Implement a User Profile Service.

Nov 16: Published updated documentation for the Full Stack 3.0 Early Access release, which includes the enhanced Audience Match Types functionality. For more information, see Full Stack v3.0: Early Access [link deprecated]. To join the Early Access program, contact your Optimizely Customer Support representative.

October 2018

Oct 31: Added a new topic Use the Full Stack REST API.

September 2018

Sept 21: Updated 101 code samples.

Sept 14: Updated information for the nine Full Stack SDK API in API Reference.

August 2018

Aug 31: Updated 94 code samples.

Aug 16: Initial release of the 2.1 documentation.