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The GraphQL endpoint uses the same authentication as Optimizely Data Platform's REST APIs. The private key must be used for all GraphQL queries.



GraphiQL UI

Explore the schema and test queries using our GraphiQL UI at https://api.zaius.com/v3/graphql/index.html.

For most dimensions, filtering is only available by the primary key(s). For special dimensions like events and customers, additional filter options are available to specify the data returned. Explore the schema by clicking "Query" in the Documentation Explorer, or searching for a specific field.

All dimensions available in the account can be queried. Custom dimensions vary by account, but standard dimensions include:

  • events
  • customer
  • order
  • product
  • list
  • list_member
  • customer_observation
  • customer_insight
  • product_observation
  • product_insight
  • compliance

View custom dimensions on the account's Objects & Fields page.