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Replace the default editor

Describes how to replace the default simple textbox editor in the Catalog Management subsystem section of Commerce Manager with a WYSIWYG editor in Optimizely Customized Commerce 13.



This content does not apply to Commerce versions 14+.

The Commerce Manager Framework meta-field data types include a long HTML meta-field. By default, this field is editable using a simple textbox editor in the Catalog Management subsystem section of Commerce Manager. However, you can enable a WYSIWYG editor control instead. 

Enable the WYSIWYG editor control

Make the following changes in the Commerce Manager web.config file:

  1. Set the value attribute of the HtmlEditorControl to the path of the CuteEditor Editor Control (for example, ...value="~/Apps/Core/Controls/Editors/CuteEditor/EditorControl.ascx").
  2. Uncomment the CuteEditorDefaultFilesPath element.