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Glossary of integration terms

  • Public or Open API – Product features that are exposed for other systems to consume and connect through the API.
  • Webhooks – Library of events to which other systems can subscribe to be notified programmatically. For example, when an asset is added to the library, a Webhook makes sure that another system can subscribe to and monitor for that activity.
  • Client Application – Web application that sits outside of Welcome and receives API messages from the Welcome API’s and Webhooks.
  • Native Integration – Optimizely offers a number of available integrations today via native, or out-of-the-box integrations. These include Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, among others. These are integrations that are maintained by Optimizely and are configured in the platform.
  • Custom Integration – An integration that is built and maintained by a third party. That third party could be an agency, a partner, or you. The Open API and Feed API are tools that help make custom integrations possible.