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User interface configuration

This topic describes configuration options for the user interface that can enhance performance and the user experience in Optimizely Customized Commerce 13.

UI optimization for large categories

You should model the catalog using category hierarchies to avoid having too many items in a category. Too many items in a category makes it difficult for the user to find an item using the catalog UI components. Also, the catalog UI may become slow, and handling the items can consume a large amount of system resources, on both the server and client side.

If a category contains more than a certain number of items (by default 2000), a simplified UI mode is used, disabling the following features to try to stay responsive.

  • Sorting
  • Grouping variants into their parent products
  • Bundling/packaging items into a bundle/package

In simplified UI mode, a message appears in the catalog listing: This category listing contains too many items. Some features were disabled to improve performance.

To configure the simplified mode threshold, use the SimplifiedCatalogListingThreshold appSetting.

      <add key="SimplifiedCatalogListingThreshold" value="1000" />

If not set, a default value of 2000 items per category is used.

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