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Payment providers

This legacy topic describes payment providers and payment methods available for Optimizely Commerce.

During checkout, a payment type is passed for processing through a Payment gateway to a payment provider. Optimizely provides code samples for some common third-party payment providers like PayPal.

The Optimizely Commerce sample site includes these payment methods by default:

  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay by phone
  • Cash on delivery

There are also many other payment providers available, see Optimizely Add-ons.

Built-in payment methods

Pay by credit card

Pay by Credit Card, a built-in feature of Commerce Manager in the Commerce sample site, manages payments for major credit card providers. The customer enters credit card details, such as card number, expiration date, card name and Card Verification Value number. The system verifies the information and executes the payment transaction.


Pay by phone

Pay by Phone, another built-in Commerce Manager feature in the Optimizely Commerce sample site, manages telephone payments.


Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is another built-in Commerce Manager feature of the Commerce sample site.


Payment providers available as add-ons

Installation and configuration documentation for payment providers developed by Optimizely for Optimizely Commerce.

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