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You can make better recommendations when you organize your topic information into sections and flows.

A _section_ is a category of content, such as financial blog posts. You can associate one or more _flows_ with a section. A flow organizes content by using a set of rules that, when the rules are matched, a defined action occurs.

For example, your website can have a section for all kinds of _blog_ content. You want to create a flow that automatically approves any blog for ingestion and content recommendations that contains topics about _finance,_ _retirement_, _IRA_, and _401k_. When newly processed content matches these criteria, the content is added to the _Financial blog_ section.

  • [_Original URL_][_contains_][/blog] AND

  • [_Topic_][_is at least one of_][finance, retirement, IRA, 401k]

## Create a section

  1. In the Content recommendations dashboard, go to **Content > Sections**. The **Sections** view show existing sections and various action you can take. [block:image] { "images": [ { "image": [ "https://files.readme.io/3f4580d-createsections.png", "createsections.png", 2218 ], "align": "center", "border": true } ] } [/block]

  2. Click **Create Section**.  The **Create Section** view appears.

  3. Enter a **Title** and **Description** for a section category.


  1. Click **Save**.

## Create a flow

  1. In the Content recommendations dashboard, go to **Content > Flows**.

  2. Click **Create Flow**. The **Create Flow** view appears.

  3. Specify criteria to automatically add processed content to one or more sections. In this example, the _/documentation_ section is scraped for content items that mention _Global network_, _Customer support_, and _Digital economy_


  • **Approve** – If the criteria match, approve the content item.

  • **Move to Bin** – If the criteria match, move the content item to the Bin (denying content from being ingested).

  • **Feature** – If the criteria match and this is enabled, the content is given priority recommendation, even if the visitor already interacted with the content.

  • **Add to Sections** – Click the field to select from existing sections where the content should get associated. For example, you might have a content section and a documentation section about financial issues.


    You can create a new section by entering a new section name in the **Add to Sections** field. See also Creating a new section in this topic.

  • **Options** – Content Recommendations shows how many content items match the criteria. Click **Preview** to see the matching content which may indicate that you can refine your flow rules. Enable the check box to apply the rules to the existing content items when you click **Save**.



Content is evaluated against each flow only when it is imported. Editing a flow, or reprocessing content does not re-evaluate that content against the flow. To re-evaluate content against a flow, click **Apply to X existing content items**. However, this affects content that matches the rules of the flow and not necessarily all content that was ever affected by that flow. A flow will never move content out of a section, which can be accomplished only manually through the content list, using filters and bulk actions.

  1. Click **Save**. In this example, as newly processed content matches these criteria, it is added to the _Marketplace_ and _Commerce_ sections.