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The requester needs to supply the following information as JSON.

(Script tags will be stripped)


If no user information is sent in the request, the response contains non-personalized product recommendations, such as best sellers. If user information is supplied, the product recommendations are personalized.

  • The URL for testing in the UAT environment is:

    • `https://uat.peerius.com/tracker/smart-api/recommendations`

  • The URL with the production end point follows one of the following formats, depending on your provisioned environment:

    • `https://<sitename>.peerius.com/tracker/smart-api/recommendations`

    • `https://<sitename>.peerius.episerver.net/tracker/smart-api/recommendations`

Contact Optimizely if you are unsure which domain applies to your integration.


  • The sitename part of this address is assigned by Optimizely.

  • This entry point requires a request header containing the authentication parameters defined in the Header information section.

  • The request body needs to be sent in a POST request.

  • Ensure that HTTPS is in the URL.