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## Set up a widget delivery for web pages

Set up a delivery widget to personalize recommendations from a section's content.

  1. In the Optimizely Content Recommendations dashboard, go to **Engage > Deliveries**. You should see a few deliveries ready to be configured.

    To edit an existing delivery, click **Edit** (pencil icon) from the **Engage > Delveries** view.


  1. To create a new delivery, click **Create Delivery**.

  2. Click **Widget**.


  • **Title** – Enter a title for this Delivery widget.

  • **Available Sections** – Drag the \<madcap:glossaryterm glossterm="Glossary-EPiServer.Term223">sections\</madcap:glossaryterm> you want to make available for the widget into the **Personalized Content Section**part of the configuration. 

    • If the **Unpersonalized Content Section** is empty, Content Recommendations serves the most recent content from the **Personalized Content Section**.

    • If **Unpersonalized Content Section** is populated, Content Recommendations serves content from the selected sections in reverse chronological order. (Content is used from a section if Content Recommendations cannot personalize because the **iv** cookie is not set, or the user does not have a model yet.)

  • **Approval** – Select the state of content that can be served by this widget.

    • **Approved or unapproved content** – Serve any content.

    • **Approved content** – Serve only content that is approved.

    • **Unapproved content** – Serve only content that is unapproved.

  • **Published** – Select the time from any time up to the last 365 days.


Metadata with a publish date must exist. If a piece of content does not have a publish date and you specify a publish date time range, then that content is not eligible for recommendation.

**Click Tracking** – Enable to use Optimizely's tracking service. If you link to content that is hosted on sites that do not include Optimizely's JavaScript tracking, disable this option.


You should leave this unchecked because most content used for recommendation contains the tracking script on site already. However, in specific cases where you are recommending content “off site” (that is, to a different domain), then checking this box adds a tracking redirect to all the recommendations.

  1. Click **Save**. This widget is now accessible within a content block in the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS).