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To run A/B tests that test your current setup or existing recommendations against Optimizely recommendations, request additional A/B test information by adding the `abTestContent` property.

NameDescription and usage
abTestContent[Optional] [String] Activate A/B test output. - **summary** – Returns only A/B test name and the page visitor's group. - **full** – Returns all available information. If you specify the property name with an empty string, summary is used by default.

To request full A/B test information, set the `abTestContent` attribute in the tracking request to full, as shown below.

This results in the following info section being returned in the response.

(Script tags will be stripped)

## A/B testing example 1

To request only the name of the A/B test and the group of the page visitor, set the the tracking request's `abTestContent` attribute to summary.

The resulting response includes this info section.

NameDescription and usageColumn Title
Column Title
abtestAn array of A/B test product records.

 <productname>The product name where <productname> is smartRecs or smartContent.
  name[String] A/B test name.
  group[String] The group assigned to the current visitor.

## A/B testing example 2


Each product can have different A/B groups. So, do not assume that a visitor in group **A** for recommendations is also in group **A** for another Optimizely product, such as, Optimizely Promote.