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The order information contains information about the customer and the products they have just purchased offline. The API expects the following format for the JSON payload.

(Script tags will be stripped)


  • The URL for testing in the UAT environment is:

    • `https://uat.peerius.com/tracker/smart-api/orders/offline`

  • The URL with the production end point follows one of the following formats, depending on your provisioned environment:

    • `https://<sitename>.peerius.com/tracker/smart-api/orders/offline`

    • `https://<sitename>.peerius.episerver.net/tracker/smart-api/orders/offline`

Contact Optimizely if you are unsure which domain applies to your integration.


  • The sitename part of this address is assigned by Optimizely.

  • This entry point requires a request header containing the authentication parameters defined in the Header information section.

  • The request body needs to be sent in a POST request.

  • Ensure HTTPS is in the URL.

  • Offline orders sent via API are used to enrich an individual's personal experience after the user logs into your online site and you track the user. Offline orders passed via API do not affect crowd behavior and algorithms by default. If the offline order data influences online algorithms, contact Optimizely.