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_Native integrations_ add product-specific personalization components for the Optimizely Customized Commerce and Optimizely Search & Navigation parts of the Optimizely platform.


To set up product recommendations, you need to provide Optimizely with a product catalog feed. See [Catalog feed specification](🔗).

The personalization functionality in Optimizely consists of a _core personalization system_, and product-specific _native integrations_, which are a set of NuGet packages that you install for each part of the platform where you want to add personalization. See [Personalization](🔗) for details about packages to install.

There are native integrations for:

  • **Optimizely Customized Commerce**. The native integration for _product_ recommendations is part of **Optimizely Product Recommendations**.

  • **Optimizely Search & Navigation**. The native integration for _search_ recommendations is part of **Optimizely Personalized Search & Navigation**.

Native integrations provide product-specific access to the core personalization. [Server-to-Server API](🔗) manages JSON tracking data and JSON-formatted content. See each product developer guide for details about setting up native integration for your solution.

The following image shows an overview of the Product Recommendations integration process.