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The response has a property called status with value _OK_ for successful requests, _fail_ when an error occurs, or warning when some errors are found but a useful result can be returned. If a fail status is returned, a fatal error occurred and the request could not be fulfilled; as a consequence, no product recommendations are included in the response.

The API returns the following information to the client:

ParametersDescriptionColumn Title
statusThe status of the request (_OK_, _fail_, _warning_).
errors<br><br> "errors": […]<br><br>
 codeError code
 messageExplanation of the error.
warnings<br><br> "warnings": […]<br><br>
 warning<br><br> {"warning": "A warning message."}<br><br>
smartRecs<br><br> "smartRecs": […]<br><br>
infoAB test info

## Success response

If the status is different from _fail_, a success response is returned.


## Failure response

If status is equal to _fail_ or _warning_, then an errors element is returned after the status property. The value is a list of the errors or warnings encountered. Example: