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Optimizely Rollouts gives you access to free, unlimited feature flags and rollouts as a service. Your whole team can work together to release faster and smarter.

Optimizely Rollouts enables you to create feature flags, or feature toggles, to turn functionality on and off remotely with the flip of a switch, without deploying code. With feature flags, you can build conditional branches into your code to make logic available only to certain groups of users at a time. If the flag is β€œon,” new code is executed, if the flag is β€œoff,” the code is skipped.

View a 60-second video about feature flags with Optimizely Rollouts.

Feature flags help you reduce risk when launching features and recover faster from failure. Instead of dealing with messy rollbacks and hotfixes, use feature flags to roll out to a small percentage of users to reduce risk and fail safer. If you detect errors, performance spikes, or user backlash, just roll back - all without redeploying code.

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Optimizely Rollouts shares the same SDKs as Optimizely Full Stack. With Optimizely Full Stack, you can seamlessly unlock experimentation and feature management at scale, with powerful additional functionality -- all using your existing implementation.

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In Rollouts, our SDKs support:

  • Unlimited feature flags: Optimizely Rollouts gives you unlimited access to feature flags. Roll features out, show them to specific sets of users, and toggle them on and off from the Optimizely application.
  • Remote configuration: Update feature flags in real time without a code deploy. Toggle features on and off, show them to specific users, or slowly roll them out.
  • No latency: In-memory bucketing means no blocking network requests. Use Rollouts in performance-critical code paths, secure environments, and more.

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