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Product page

The product page is tracked by providing the reference code of the product.



Ensure the product code matches the code supplied in the catalog feed.

NameDescriptions and usage
productProduct reference code.

Includes a refCode property, with the value of the product reference code string.

The product page is tracked using the following script:

      "type"    : "product", 
      "lang"    : "en-gb", 
      "product" : { "refCode" : "PROD500" }

If you want the callback to contain only the ref-codes (rather than default full product details) for recommended products, use the recContent parameter to specify " refCodeOnly" (see the Recommendations recommendation callback section for details).

      "type"       : "product", 
      "lang"       : "en-gb",
      "recContent" : "refCodeOnly",
      "product"    : { "refCode" : "PROD500" } 

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