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Install SDK

The JavaScript SDK can be used in browser and is distributed through:

  • npm
  • yarn
  • a prebuilt UMD bundle of the JavaScript SDK, which allows installing the SDK via an HTML <script> tag, which makes the SDK available under the global variable optimizelySdk.
npm install --save @optimizely/optimizely-sdk

yarn add @optimizely/optimizely-sdk
<script src=""></script>


We do not recommend using the unpkg script tag installation method in production as it introduces a third-party performance dependency, and will not be explicitly version-locked by default


The JavaScript SDK requires an ES5-compatible environment, as well as Promise. To run in environments that don't support Promise, you can use promise-polyfill.


After installing, you need to intialize the SDK.

Source code

The full source code is at index.ts.

Updated 3 months ago

Install SDK

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