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The React Native SDK can be used in both ReactJS and React Native environments and is distributed through [npm](🔗). The React SDK supports datafile caching and offline events persistence for React Native applications. Add it to your package with NPM:

or with Yarn:

The full source code is available on [GitHub](🔗).

## Requirements

The React SDK requires an ES5-compatible environment, as well as `Promise`. To run in environments that do not support promise, you can use [promise-polyfill](🔗).

### Peer dependencies

To use the features such as datafile caching and offline events persistence, you need to install the following peer dependencies in your React Native application.

`@react-native-async-storage/async-storage is required to:

  • enable datafile caching by storing the datafile on the user's device.

  • enable event offline persistence by temporarily storing events on user's device when offline.

`@react-native-community/netinfo` is required to detect when internet connectivity is restored, so that events triggered during the offline mode can be retried.