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Send events using Optimizely Full Stack

How to send event data to Optimizely using Optimizely Full Stack.

Optimizely Full Stack is a feature flagging and experimentation platform for websites, mobile apps, chatbots, APIs, smart devices and anything else with a network connection.

You can deploy code behind feature flags, experiment with A/B tests and use percentage deliveries to roll out or roll back flags immediately. All of this functionality is available with microsecond performance impact via easy-to-use, open-source SDKs.

After creating an event in the Optimizely Full Stack application UI, you can either:

Once you have implemented events in Optimizely Full Stack, events are always on. An event will begin sending data to Optimizely once it is implemented, even if you do not have any active running experiments. You can review the results of your Full Stack experiments on the Reports page.