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How to set up your BigQuery project to view Optimizely Experimentation data.


Set up BigQuery to retrieve your Optimizely data



These steps must be completed by a principal user. This person is responsible for setting up the connection between their BigQuery project and the Optimizely Experimentation data. After configuring the connection in their project, they decide who can view it by setting the access controls.

Users need to be able to run BigQuery queries within the United States. See Google Cloud's documentation on geography and regions.

Ideally, this set up should be completed using a managed account that is not tied to one person. This future-proofs the integration, guaranteeing that even if the principal user's status changes, the Optimizely data remains accessible.

To set up viewing your Optimizely data in BigQuery:

  1. Contact Optimizely Support and request access to your BigQuery data. Include your Optimizely Account ID, the principal email address for the Google Cloud Platform user or group, and the contact person's full name and email address. See the previous Important note for information about the principal user.

  2. When Support grants you access, go to the BigQuery Analytics Hub.

  3. Click Search listings.

    Click Search listings
  4. Enter Optimizely in the Search for listings field.

  5. Click Optimizely Experimentation.

  6. Read the terms of service and click Add dataset to project.

  7. On the Create linked dataset page, select your Project. Enter a display name for the Linked dataset name. You can name it anything.

    Enter display name for the Linked datasest name
  8. Click Save.

Your project can now access the linked Optimizely Experimentation dataset in your project:

An example Optimizely dataset in the Google Cloud project

After linking the Optimizely dataset to the Google Cloud project, configure the project's access controls to share the data with your team and key stakeholders. They can run queries to retrieve the necessary data.