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Forms 4 - Breaking changes

Describes the breaking changes from Optimizely Forms version 3 to version 4.



Optimizely Forms is supported by MVC-based websites only.


This release implements a feature request to support validation of multiple elements at once.

  • When a visitor clicks Submit and has JavaScript enabled, all elements are validated at once (except CAPTCHA, because it needs server-side validation).

  • In non-JS mode, all elements are validated at once. New behaviors in this release:

    • Validation messages displayed on each failed element
    • Input data on the forms is not cleared
  • On server side, this function:


    processes all elements at once, and returns the array of ValidationInfo.

Breaking changes in Forms 4.0

Interface IValidationService:

  • ValidateFormData(NameValueCollection formData, out ValidationInfo validationFailInfo) is marked with [Obsolete].
  • Add ValidateFormData(NameValueCollection formData, out IEnumerable<ValidationInfo> validationFailInfo).