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Event Export Overview

Once you send data to Optimizely, Optimizely will start processing this data for experiment analysis. The following data exports allow you to extract event data at different stages of processing for different purposes:

Enriched Events Export gives you access to your Optimizely events for in-depth analysis of your experiment results. This export contains an event-level dataset enriched with event tags, user attributes, and source-of-truth experiment and variation assignments. Use this data export to recreate your own metrics using Optimizely's experiment data, or combine these events with outside data for experiment analysis and actionable business intelligence.

Raw Event Export (deprecated)
The Raw Events Export contains the original raw event data that Optimizely received from you, before any transformations. Use this export to check the accuracy or completeness of Optimizely's event collection, and perform various event-level analyses on the customer data. For example, use this to query events by a given `visitorId` or a specific event tag value.

Results Export (deprecated)
The Results Export contains all the conversions and decisions (results records) Optimizely attributed and counted in the results of an experiment. Each record in the export contains data for a visitor that is aggregated at the session-level. Because the Results Export is an exact copy of the data that we use to compute the Results page, the two are highly aligned. Use this export if you want to visualize the results differently or import the data in tools you already use.

The below diagram is a visualization of the different stages of Optimizely's results pipeline and how each of the event exports fit in.

Note: All events are stored in AWS region us-east-1, or US East (N. Virginia).