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Event Export Overview

Overview of the Enriched Events Export.

Once you send data to Optimizely, Optimizely will start processing this data for experiment analysis. The following data exports allow you to extract event data at different stages of processing for different purposes:

Enriched Events Export gives you access to your Optimizely events for in-depth analysis of your experiment results. This export contains an event-level dataset enriched with event tags, user attributes, and source-of-truth experiment and variation assignments. Use this data export to recreate your own metrics using Optimizely's experiment data, or combine these events with outside data for experiment analysis and actionable business intelligence.

️ Deprecation Warning

Enriched Events Export replaces Results Export and Raw Events Export as Optimizely's source-of-truth events dataset. Results Export and Raw Events Export will no longer be supported beginning November 15, 2020. Please refer to the Enriched Events Export documentation for how to get started.